TutMoSi - Tutoring of Modeling and Simulation

TutMoSi aims at the development of a case-based intelligent teaching and training system (ITS) in the training domain modeling and simulation. The learner takes over the role of the system modeler and the "simulationist". He/She has to collect facts, abstract and reduce them due to relevance, has to select a modeling formalism and represent the facts in the model, has to decide about the appropriate simulation alogrithms, and finally to simulate the models. After executing the simulation, the learner has to evaluate the results, correct and adapt the models and re-simulate.

The ITS will be developed based on a pattern description. The project is based on software engineering principles and component based software development.

Abstract: Case-based intelligent tutoring systems (aka. intelligent teaching and training systems) with application domain modeling and simulation. Training cases stem from areas like medicine, biology, and environmental sciences

Runtime: 2005-06-01 until 2010-02-18
Former student staff: Christian Ober; Marcus Oertel

Keywords: Intelligent Teaching and Training, Intelligent Tutoring, Modeling and Simulation, Case-based training