TPM - Formal model of tutoring processes in intelligent teaching and training systems

The projects objective has been the development of a general model of the tutoring process. The tutoring process model is realized independently of a programming language. Its responsibility is steering of the tutoring process in an intelligent teaching and training system, and adaptation of training content. The tutoring process model will now be extended and refined. The model is part of software patterns for teaching and training systems.
The intelligent tutoring system Docs 'n Drugs - The virtual hospital has been developed based on a first version of the tutoring process model.

Abstract: Formal tutoring process model (TPM), currently with the extensions basic TPM without adaptation and without learner model, adaptive TPM with integrated learner model, and dynamic TPM with integrated time base.

Runtime: 18.02.2002 bis 18.02.2008
Former staff: Erika Himmelsbach; Alexander Seitz; Torsten Illmann; Claudia Scheuerer
Former student staff: Sandra Friess; Edwin Volz; Frank Witzigmann; David Reichmann; Mathias Brusdeylins; Jan Fischer

Keywords: Formal models, Tutoring Process Model, Intelligent Teaching and Training Systems, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Adaptation