BioMoSi - Teaching and Training System for Interactive Modeling and Simulation in Systembiology and Bio Informatics

Intelligent teaching and training systems can extend education in Biology, Chemistry and Medicine. They are a meaningful supplement to traditional lectures and courses, as they allow interactive training with realistic training cases from an early stage of education. Computer-based experimentation, based on techniques of modeling and simulation, are important part of state of the art research projects in Biology and Chemistry, and also in Medicine. However, this is in most cases not reflected in the current curricula. A case-based teaching and training system for teaching modeling and simulation, i.e. computer based experimentation, e.g. to Biologists, will be developed in this project. The teaching and trainings system, realized as an Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS), is based upon bio-chemical expert knowledge in combination with knowledge about (quantitative) modeling. The ITS functionality is extended by a high potential simulation system (JAMES II). Using this system, students and researchers in the interdisciplinary field of systembiology should be able to train different phases of computer-based experimental design and experiment execution, starting from formalism selection, to model development, model verification, parameterization of models, simulation selection and finally simulation execution and evaluation -- all of this based on close-to-real-life scenarios.

The project is part of the Research Training Group "Integrative Development of Modeling and SImulation Methods for RegeneratIve Systems" (dIEM oSiRiS).

Runtime 2009-03-01 until 2011-03-31
Project coordination Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Adelinde Uhrmacher
Scientific coordination Prof. Dr. Ing. Alke Martens
Scientific staff Dipl. Ing. Géraldine Heissat
Contractor(s) DFG

Keywords: Teaching and Training System, Intelligent Tutoring System, computerbased Modeling and Simulation, Systembiology, eLearning, case-based learning